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over 150

miles on the indoor trainer in January. That’s my conservative estimate; could be higher, but I’m only guessing based on minutes and my typical mph. Will be slowly ramping that up through February and then into the great outdoors for March (hopefully). Yes, I am a fair weather rider. Unfortunately my left knee is not very happy. It’s fine while pedaling, but finding some discomfort when walking afterwards.

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Indoor Training Plan

MONDAY: 30 minute indoor ride.

Started my new indoor cycling training plan today. Since I’m training for a 2 day charity ride in June, which is NOT a race, I’m not concerned with speed or hill work, etc. I’m mostly training for endurance, especially for my butt. Although a decent speed will help shorten each days’ ride, haha.

The plan goes: 30 minute ride, a long ride, 30 minute ride, rest day, medium ride, 30 minute ride, rest day. The medium and long rides gradually increase in length over several months, but the 30 minute rides stay the same. I don’t have weekends off, so my long ride is on my day off (a weekday). 

And of course within each ride I have to keep it fresh by mixing up the intensity with cadence and gear changes. Impossible for me to make it up as I go along so I also follow a strict schedule of so many minutes of this, a minute of that, etc. I won’t bore you with the details….

Wish me luck!

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My new healthy eating plan

This will work for losing and/or maintaining weight, plus it eventually trains you on how to judge how much you’re actually consuming without having to constantly count calories or points.

1. Take a picture with your mobile device of EVERYTHING you eat all day long.
2. DO NOT calculate the calories, just try to make wise decisions on types of food & portion control.
3. The following morning, review the previous days’ food & THEN do your calculations. Log your total calories (or points) in your app or logbook.
4. Keep repeating steps 1 to 3 until you are able to eat a normal & healthy amount of food. You should be able to eventually come very close to guessing how well you did before calculating your numbers.

Voila! Now you know how much to eat every day.

Your welcome.

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Purging Day

My house, not my stomach. Although I probably should stop eating Xmas treats soon!

So far I have cleaned out the kitchen & bathroom cupboards, as well as the game/toy cabinet. Donated a bunch of towels to the animal shelter, and dropped off some games & toys to Value Village (Cdn. charity store). I still have a box of kitchen stuff on the dining room table to go to another charity. Next week I will tackle the large pantry/closet.

This always makes me feel clean and mentally healthy, as I hate clutter & redundancy. I even donated stuff I JUST got for Christmas. No sentimentality here. Hey, if I’m never going to use something, why store it for a year, & then give it away?

Have taken a big break from cycling, as the weather is not to my liking, and the indoor trainer can be boring at times. My 2 day ride is in mid June, so now was a good time for a break. I don’t want to feel burnt out in April or May.
I will get back to it this week, but hopefully more outside than inside.

Logged 636 miles in the last 5 months of the year. Which is way better than the ZERO miles in the first 7 months!!
Good enough!!

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Froze my a$$ off

on an outdoor ride today. Toque, gloves, 2 pairs of wool socks. I was fine from neck to knees, but the rest of me was not happy. I think this will be the last ride outside for a while now. Only did 125 miles in November. 80 outside & 45 inside. December will be more miles, but all indoors. I would have done more in November, but the weather was so bad, and I didn’t buy my trainer until more than halfway thru the month.

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45 minutes on my new trainer today. If I use the “recommended skewer & cone for safety reasons” then what do I do when it’s time to go outside? Do I leave the trainer skewer on, or put the OEM part back on? Opinions?

45 minutes on my new trainer today. If I use the “recommended skewer & cone for safety reasons” then what do I do when it’s time to go outside? Do I leave the trainer skewer on, or put the OEM part back on? Opinions?

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